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Who we are

Iso Partner is a company founded in 1995 that specializes in logistics and goods transport. We draw from our 27 years of experience to provide storage solutions tailored to the characteristics of your products.
We also offer courier services across all distances, freight shipments, parcel shipments, and more.

Iso Partner is based in Les Ulis at the Courtaboeuf business park, a location that provides us with quick access to all major roads in the Paris region.

Our attentive team is limited in size and trained to communicate effectively.
We have one goal: to handle all the complicated logistics operations for our customers, so that they can focus on their core business with peace of mind.

We constantly review and improve our methods to meet emerging customer needs.

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A bit more than just transport and logistics!

There’s no limit to the list of services our motivated, dynamic, enthusiastic teams can offer!

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